Xenserver/citrix hypervisor and xcp-ng blank screen while loading the installer

While performing maintenance on my lab environment i encounterd a strange problem with the installation process for Xenserver 8.2 (and 8.1/8.0). Starting the installer will result in ether a black screen or a kernel panic. After some research i found an interesting issue in github (from the xcp-ng project) https://github.com/xcp-ng/xcp/issues/206. It remains unclear why the […]

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS kiosk for web or RDP

In this article we will show how to setup a browser or RDP kiosk, based on Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS. Because we are using the server edition the kiosk system will have a very small footprint and way less packets installed when we compare it to a stripped down desktop kiosk. First we need to […]

Network configuration in Ubuntu Server 18.04

As you might have heard, Ubuntu (server) 18.04 uses a new network configuration system named Netplan. Well, Netplan is not entirely new, it was introduced in Ubuntu 17:10 but I did not pay to much attention to it at the time because I prefer the Ubuntu LTS editions. The first big change you will notice […]

Show online Teamspeak users without the client

It might sound like a useless project, but I wanted to be able to check who was using my Teamspeak server without having to be logged on all the time. After a short search over the world wide web, I came across the “Powerful PHP Framework” from planet teamspreak. This framework enables the user to […]

Deploy a Zabbix server to monitor your infrastructure

If you maintain a ICT infrastructure you probably use (or your looking to use) a monitoring solution to monitor your ICT infrastructure. Detecting, and fixing, problems before end users start experiencing them is something most ICT professionals love to accomplish, preferably every time a problem occurs. Zabbix is an open-source monitoring solution for servers, network […]

MSSQL: keep your transaction log’s from exploding

I recently discovered that my employers database server was running out of storage space on the database volume. After some searching I traced the problem to our Xendesktop site transaction log file witch had grown almost 80GB in 3 months. I never noticed problems with the transaction logs before but previously the SQL server was […]

Citrix Xendesktop 7.17 part 3: publishing a Desktop

After setting up the delivery controller and configuring storefront to allow the HTML5 Receiver it is finally time to add a desktop to the mix. In this step by step article we will be adding a single desktop in “remote PC access mode”. this means that XenDesktop wont power manage the desktop and we wont […]

Citrix Xendesktop 7.17 part 1: Setting up the controller

Citrix Xendesktop is the remote desktop solution from Citrix. Since version 7 it is completely integrated with Xenapp, the terminal server like solution from Citrix. Together these solutions are capable to overcome (almost) every workplace virtualization challenge. I have not updated my home lab enviroment in a long time, it was still running Xenapp 7.5. […]

Citrix Xenserver and pfSense, slow traffic problems

A while back, I added a pfSense installation to my home lab environment. pfSense is a opensource network firewall/router operating system which offers a large amount of additional (3e party) modules to extend its functionality such as OpenVPN, Snort, etc. At this time, I am mainly interested in the OpenVPN functionality and I would very […]

Add a local storage repository (SR) to Xenserver

Recently i added a new SSD to my home lab hypervisor. Xenserver does not detect new disks by default, so I had to add the drive manual, luckily this is not a complicated process (some command line experience is required). First we need to find the device name of the new drive, for this we […]