My name is Koen van der Gaag, I am an enthusiastic ICT professional who is always looking for a challenge. I live in the Netherlands, in the South-Holland province to be more precise. I’m a allround sysadmin for living, at the moment I’m working for a non ICT company with around 70 employee’s.

My hobby’s are mostly ICT and tech related. .

Besides fun projects I also like (and play around with) VR, 3d printing and CNC milling.

At work, my primary role is to maintain and expand the company’s Citrix Solution, which consists of a number of Xenapp servers, a Xendesktop VDI solution, Storefront servers, Netscalers and the necessary infrastructure.

The “necessary infrastructure” mostly consists of: storage, servers, more servers, end-user devices, printers, scanners, etc.

My day to day activities are very diverse, they mostly consist of a combination of the following

  • Maintaining storage solutions, both simple Windows, Linux and NAS(Qnap, Synology) based systems;
  • Maintaining Windows and Linux Servers (Hypervisors, Storage, application servers,¬† etc.);
  • Maintaining a wide variety of desktop and mobile OSes (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, IOS);
  • Scripting (Python, Bash, Batch), software development (small programs: C#, Python, Java), web development (websites/apps: PHP, My/Ms SQL, JS, CSS, HTML);
  • Networking (subnetting, routing, link aggregation, VLANS, firewall’s, NAT);
  • Supporting end users;
  • other ICT related stuff (maintaining printers/scanners, mobile telephony contract management, license management, etc.).

Besides maintaining the Infrastructure and supporting end users with there ICT problems, I have worked (and am working on) a number of projects. some examples are:

  • Designing and implementing new storage solutions including backup sytems;
  • Planning and implementing a number of Citrix (Xenapp/Xendesktop/Netscaler, etc.) migrations/upgrades (mostly version increases but also restructuring the infrastructure, migrating to new hardware, etc.);
  • Developing a number of small applications, web-applications and websites to improve various systems/workflows in the company. For example:
    • An application which fills number of excel spreadsheets with accounting data, this used to be done by hand and it saves the company around 4 hours a month;
    • A system which allows employee’s to reset passwords for various applications using there mobile phone, this saves me a lot of calls during the summer holiday’s;
    • A web-application which enables users to turn the lighting on and of for the various parts of the company, by clicking the corresponding parts on a floor-plan (we used to have a Windows XP based system with buttons, but no one understood¬† the labels, then the system broke and I had to rebuild it anyway because the support on Windows XP had ended);
  • Designing, planning and implementing a DMS, CRM and CMS for internal use;
  • Setting up an MFA and SSO solution for internal use.